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Stop Wasting Money. Get What You Really Want

It’s time to stop wasting money. It’s time you start getting what you really want. It’s time you start spending better.   When we think about spending better and not wasting money we often turn to traditional budgeting.  But you've heard me say it, traditional...

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Motivation Makes All The Difference

….use the right motivation. My two –year old daughter, Ella, is adventurous, fun, sweet and also extremely independent! She has her own will and she knows how to exert it. The trick to getting her to do things like put on her shoes or get ready for bed is to appeal to...

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Why Budgeting Fails

It's obvious right? You're just not disciplined enough, not dedicated enough, not committed enough to stick to your budget.  If that's the voice you hear in your head, listen up.  I have some information you may want to consider before you try to muscle your way...

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