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Navigating Divorce Webinar

A woman’s heroic journey through the difficulties of divorce carries a heavy emotional and financial burden, often leaving one without direction and searching for answers.  Catherine shares her personal journey through divorce, the importance of the team she built along the way that enabled her to move forward, and how you can do the same.

iValue Quiz

Our values represent what’s deeply meaningful to us. Yet often we have a hard time articulating them and other competing factors can move us further away from them. This free quiz is designed to help you discover what it is you really value so you can keep what’s most important front and center in your life.

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My Theme for 2023

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Each year I choose a word or theme for the year. To learn more about the background of this annual exercise please click here.
Part of me …

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Pause for a More Meaningful Holiday

Pause for a More Meaningful Holiday

The holiday season is here. And with it comes an opportunity to reclaim peace, joy, and meaningful connection. I recently found myself in the midst of overwhelm when I had a small moment of insight. Just what I needed, a reminder as we head into the holidays.  “I...

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