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A Values Self-Assessment

Sometimes getting in tune with our values can be difficult. They can seem obscure and all touchy-feely, which is why I created a new values tool. It’s an online assessment that takes less than 15 minutes to complete and will help you identify what you really value in life.

There aren’t any right or wrong answers and I promise its super easy, all it does is tell you a little more about yourself.

I realize not everyone geeks out over self-assessments like I do. In fact, some people down right despise them. (Still trying to wrap my head around that…) But I honestly, believe this one may very well be worth the effort.

An eCourse

Feelings of frustration, anxiousness, and powerlessness are all too common when it comes to cashflow. I believe we can change that.

By becoming more conscious, more aware, we can redirect our spending from areas that hold little value to us and direct it to the areas that mean the most. If you really stop and think about it (and are honest) you can probably think of a few areas you spend in that you really don’t care all that much about. Yep, me too. Or at least it was like that for me. I’ve been making it a deliberate practice to be more aware of my spending and be deliberate about aligning my decisions with my goals and values. I can honestly say the stress and anxiety have decreased. I’m spending less yet feeling much more fulfilled.

This eCourse lays out the process so you too can Master Your Cashflow.