How would you like a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card?!  (You know how much I love Amazon!!!)

You may have heard I recently revamped my iValue Quiz. (It took a long time and I so excited to have it ready to share!) Not only is it a bit more entertaining to take but it is even better at determining what you believe is most important. With this revamp I’m focusing not just on helping you become aware of your values but live them to their fullest!

It’s one thing to know what’s important, but life gets really good when you start becoming even more intentional about living out what you value.  I thought what better way to help you do that than run a little photo challenge.  In this challenge I want to see what it looks like when you live your values.  How do those values show up for you?  Let’s show the world and at the same time experience the joy, meaning and connection that comes when we live our values.

So what do you say?  Are you up for it?

Here’s how to participate in the Photo Challenge.  

       1. First identify your Top 5 values.  (Take the new quiz here.) 

       2. Take a picture that represents you living your values.

       3. Post it on your social media, like Instagram or Facebook.

       4. Tag me in it (@SarahCarrFP) and add the hashtag #iValueChallenge.
(Be sure to mention which value set it represents.)

Each participant in the challenge will be entered into a drawing for the $25 Amazon gift card which will be picked by random drawing. (You don’t even have to be an amazing photographer to win!)  Just be sure to tag me in it or use the hashtag #iValueChallenge to be sure you are entered in the contest.  The contest will run through the month of September, with the drawing on October 1st. Check out the details, see some examples, and see your posts featured here.

I hope you’ll join in the fun!